FEARLESS Underway with a FULL House!

FEARLESS is going so well! Wow, are we tired though. But the good kind of tired where you're still so excited for tomorrow. Lots of great stuff lined up for tomorrow too. One is a secret;) pics will come so check back! Thank you to all our ladies who are amazing students. And a big thank you to my FEARLESS gals Rene and Sara Beth! To God be all the glory:)


FEARLESS in Sunny SEASIDE Florida!

Today I received an email from Huntsville International Airport that you can go to Destin for $38 roundtrip!  Book it now for our FEARLESS at SEASIDE!  You cannot beat that deal with gas prices the way they are.  You can also reserve your spot in the workshop and the house--or just the workshop to the right in the sidebar.  We welcome you!  It's gonna be a bright, sunshiny time there. ;)


Getting Ready!

Just a peek at one of the perks our amazing students will get the chance to purchase--gorgeous frames at workshop rates!  We hope they will be inspired by seeing their pieces framed right away and the magic it creates. You can see that Rene really wore herself out unloading, unwrapping, inventorying and hanging all of those! She's so dramatic. ;)


Our lucky ladies:

Elizabeth Anderson - Atlanta, GA
Melisa Teague - Huntsville. AL
Lida Stevens - Owens Cross Roads, AL
Becky McDougal - Huntsville, AL
Pam Gann - Huntsville, AL
Charlie Bonner - Huntsville, AL
Susan Cooper - Huntsville, AL
Debbie Carter - Guntersville, AL
Debi Walker - Huntsville, AL
April Denney - Huntsville, AL
Joan Funk - Madison, AL
Geralee Bayless - Hampton Cover, AL
Dawn Chenault - Huntsville, AL
Pat Pepper - Athens, AL
Barbie Harwell - Huntsville, AL



As of today, FEARLESS at Carole's studio in downtown Athens, Alabama is sold out. If you were wanting to register and missed it, please get on our waiting list by emailing Carole.  It is going to be wonderfully, rejuvenating time and we don't one spot unfilled!  It could still be yours!



Join us April 7th - 10th at beautiful SEASIDE, FL for a "Simply Fearless at Seaside" workshop.  The plan is similar to March's workshop, but a day shorter and in a more dreamy location!  
Open to 15 people--there are accommodations for 6 ladies in the "house" where we will work from.

Thursday evening we will meet at our "Central Park" home at Ruskin Place in SEASIDE.  (See a tour) We will have a gallery showing for some quick inspiration then go to dinner together.

Friday & Saturday we will arise and paint!  Imagine beautiful architecture, beachy scenes,  a bike leaning against a white picket fence, sunlit still-lifes, and even one of us posing as a beautiful seashore model.  Amazing subject matter to behold!

Sunday, we will have some final inspiration and say good-bye!

Some Supplies
Easels to the first 4
Instruction by 3 artists: Sara Beth Fair, Rene Stubblefield, Carole Foret
Dinner Cocktail each night
Snacks each day
Gourmet Shrimp Creole at the House Saturday Night
Night Sketching
Much more....

You will leave physically rejuvenated and revived in your painting!  Stay tuned for a more detailed itinerary and supply list.

The workshop itself: $595  
Workshop + Accomodations in Central Park House: $895

Call Carole's studio to reserve: 256-232-2521

Application download is in the sidebar along with PayPal payment options.


Announcement Coming by Monday!

It has something to do with our doing a FEARLESS Workshop in this beautiful location April 7th - 10th.  Stay tuned! Details are coming by Monday!



Uncork what is inside YOU by going really, really fast!

Understand that the most important thing that you need for Creativity is the thing you already possess – YOU! A trick to find YOU is by giving yourself a time constraint.

Tip - Buy a cute timer from Anthropology and get started discovering who YOU are as an artist.

WHY  Really, really, really fast?
It makes sense that speed can unlock creativity. When we have to do something under extreme time constraints, we have to rely on the more intuitive, subconscious parts of our brain – the part that really defines who YOU are! The time pressure can help suppress the logical/rational/critical parts of your brain that can KILL an idea before you're barely aware of it.  And we know criticism Kills creativity!

Sure you need to PRACTICE the fundamentals but perfect drawing is not the goal in art – perfect expression of human emotion is all that counts! So when you step ONSTAGE – speed is your friend to bring out YOU.


Applications Coming In!

We are so grateful that the FEARLESS Workshop is filling up! Applications are coming in, and we continue to respond to emails and phonecalls about it.  Don't hesitate to email with questions. 

The most popular question by far is:
Q: "Is this workshop appropriate for beginners?"
A: YES! You will feel right at home and usually workshops are attended by a short range of skill levels--beginners to intermediates.  We all learn much from one another.  So, come on!

We have faith that each attendee will be led to this special weekend!  God is good like that.


Opening Night - Wednesday Evening, March 23rd
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Welcome Reception – “Addressing Our Fears and Seeing Like an Artist”
Join us for a casual reception to get to know one another followed by a video presentation
For convenience, you should bring your supplies this evening

Day One - Thursday, March 24th
9:00 am- 4:00 pm
“The Basics Fearlessly: Tools Not Rules”
The day will be filled with demos, diving into the fundamental basics of painting, and most importantly tailoring them to your artistic sensibilities.
We will have individual consultations during the day, to help you determineyour painting goals for the workshop.

Day Two - Friday, March 25th
9:00 am- 4:00 pm
“The Personalities of Color and Cultivating Your Style”
This day will focus on color and style. Expect a lot of demos and to paint a lot of canvases.

Day Three – Saturday, March 26th
9:00 am- 4:00 pm
“Fearless Painting”
Expect surprises throughout the day that will take your artistry to new levels!
Final Critiques.

5:00 - 6:00 pm
Gallery Showing of Your Work - Family and Friends Welcome
Enjoy seeing your paintings on display in Carole’s fabulous Gallery space and say goodbye to our new friends.


What Do You Get When You Put Three Artists Together In a Positive Environment

It is funny how when you work with another in an encouraging environment,
the results are not doubled or tripled but are

Besides the practical benefits of bringing together three teachers mentioned in the last post,
the creative benefits produce exactly what is hinted at in the title of our workshop -

What Do You Get When You Put Three Artist Together In a Positive Way -

You will not want to miss this!


What Can You Expect?

Knowledge and Professional Growth
Simplification of Process
How to See
How to Express Your Style More Fully
Lots of Demos with Explanations
To Go Through a lot of Canvas
Lots of One on One
Low Teacher to Student Ratio
A Joyful Spirit